Counseling                             $180 

Couple's Counselling              $ 225

Appointments are generally about 1 1/2 hours in length.

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All services are provided by Katherine Harriman, MSW, RSW.

Please be aware that there is a 48 hour cancellation policy in effect. Please call or text if for any reason you are not able to attend your scheduled appointment. You will be expected to pay the usual fee for an appointment that is a "no show"

Thank you for your kind consideration in this.

Approved and funded by Health Canada to work with First Nations and Innuit clients

Funding is also available through various EAP programs, such as Veterans Affairs, Morneau Shepell, Green Shield, SaskTel and others. Please check with your Extended Health Carrier to find out what funding is available to you. 

Why Choose Counseling?

There is a wide variety of reasons that people chose counseling – research has shown that counseling can be very helpful when change in our lives is needed or desired, both in the short and long term. Confidentiality and non-judgmental support can provide the means to examine what is not working well in our lives. This process, supported by the therapist, allows one to decide on an appropriate action, if any, and to take the next “right step”. As a result, problems can be addressed in the here and now, which helps to alleviate stress, improve overall functioning and make meaning of experiences.

how can counselling help?

At certain especially stressful times in our lives, we may have felt anxious, depressed or may have resorted to “medicating” our painful feelings. When feeling stuck and overwhelmed, it can be helpful to talk to someone who might help us to understand and make sense of it all. 

We all learn about relationships very early in our lives – unfortunately, for some of us, our role models may have been struggling with their own problems. As a result, many of us have learned unhealthy relationship patterns such as avoiding conflict, waiting until we have a laundry list and/or blowing up at the worst possible times. We may have learned these (and other) ineffective ways of managing life's challenges, simply by osmosis. 

Working with a counselor can create awareness of our unique "stuck" patterns and can help to facilitate positive change when we are ready.  By challenging (or softening) unworkable positions- and by taking committed action - we can move towards more flexible and meaningful interactions with others.

Instead of doing more of what is not working - we can begin to find our own voice and create healthier boundaries ( finding the courage and giving ourselves permission to do so).  In this way, we become more genuine and authentic in relationship - both with ourselves and others. Letting our true selves come forward allows more happiness and fulfillment into our lives.

who can benefit from counselling?

Anyone who is interested in enhancing their own personal awareness and aliveness can benefit from therapy.

  • Couples stuck in power struggles, unresolved circular issues and alienation within the relationship
  • Individuals with addictions and/or compulsions to alcohol, drugs, food or prescription medications
  • Individuals with conditions such as anxiety, depression, Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Bi-Polar or other mental health concerns
  • Those struggling with someone else's addictions, compulsions or mental health issues